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ALKALINE WATER (Filtered, Reverse Osmosis then Alkalised/Remineralised)

Alkaline water has many health benefits including restoring the natural pH balance of the body. The human body has a blood pH of 7.365 and it is essential to maintain this pH balance for good health.

Much of what we eat, such as processed sugar, meat, dairy, and coffee has an acidic effect on the pH balance, and the body has to work extra hard to restore itself to a neutral pH.
Alkaline water greatly assists in this process by introducing a higher pH to the body to offset the low pH and therefore, the natural balance is re-established.

Other benefits of drinking alkaline water include keeping stomach acid at bay and helping alleviate many ailments because of its antioxidant qualities. Alkaline water also greatly helps the body in the absorption of minerals.

Our water is tested approximately every 3 months to ensure you are receiving the highest quality water!


PURE WATER (Filtered, Reverse Osmosis leaving pure H2O)

Reverse osmosis forces is a process of forcing water through specialised microscopic membranes, exerting enough pressure to remove foreign contaminants, solid substances, large molecules and minerals. 

Fluoride is a hot topic in most states, but more so in QLD now that Fluoride has been added to our drinking water. Weather you agree or disagree with the inclusion of Fluoride in our drinking water (we highly recommend you to do some of your own research on this very controversial chemical cocktail), the fact is that it IS there. 

Due to the microscopic size of the fluoride molecules, they cannot be eliminated by most standard filtration systems, instead flowing directly through, along with multiple other contaminants. Reverse Osmosis Filtration DOES remove fluoride, along with all other chemicals, toxins, viruses etc.