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Guys, if you are drinking our water then you definitely want to get yourself one of these for your shower ... did you know that our skin is our largest organ and therefore soaks up between 1.5-2 litres of water everytime we shower!  We are in effect drinking tap water through our skin ... here's some reasons why you need to get this particular shower filter ~ we LOVE it!

Why Vitamin C ...

All Australian water is treated with chemicals such as chlorine and chloramines (chlorine + ammonia).  It is a well researched fact that these harmful chemical residues in your ordinary shower water damage your skin and hair. Not only that, the inhalation of vaporized chlorine gas (one of the Disinfection By-Products (DBPs) = the steam in your shower) is even more harmful, affecting everyone.

As the water passes through our filters the ascorbic acid (Vitamin c) reacts rapidly, neutralising chlorine, chloramines,and other harmful chemical elements into a harmless compound before the water comes out of your shower.

SONAKI Vitamin C filters are the safest and most superior technology to ever enter the shower filter market, proven to be superior to both common carbon active (CA) and KDF filters. They have gained the certification to uphold the Australian/New Zealand performance standards.  SONAKI shower heads products have earned the best WELS water rating of 3 stars which is a fact that will save you a significant amount of water and energy.

Come in and ask Jay & Wolf about how you can install one of these shower heads easily yourself. 

 Great for babies, children, expecting mums’ long term health, and people with asthma, skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, dry, itchy skin for all ages

Great for babies, children, expecting mums’ long term health, and people with asthma, skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, dry, itchy skin for all ages

Advantages of Vitamin over Traditional Technologies

Activated carbon filtration (AC) is effective in reducing certain organic chemicals and chlorine in cold water. Chlorine is attracted to and held (absorbed) into the surface of the carbon particles. However, the efficiency of absorption is quickly nullified when the water becomes warm. The lifetime of an activated carbon shower filter is very short. An activated carbon shower filter gets clogged very quickly by the dirt it is meant to stop. As soon as that happens, it immediately starts to supply dirty water.

KDF, another widely used dechlorination media, is comprised of copper and zinc. It removes free chlorine by reversing the electrochemical process that originally separated the chlorine from sodium in a brine solution. It can't, however, remove chloramines and, it's efficiency depends on water temperature, it doesn't work well in cold water.

There are several other limitations using KDF as a de-chlorinating agent. KDF shower filters are also affected by water pressure. When the water pressure is not high enough, water simply can't pass through the KDF powders. The major problem of KDF shower filters is that the lifetime of the filter depends on the quality of the water passing through it. This is truly a cath-22. When the quality of the water is bad, that's when we need a shower filter the most.

The dirt a KDF filter removes from the water quickly covers the surface of the KDF that in turn makes the filter ineffective very quickly. When the quality of the water is clean, we don't need a shower filter and KDF shower filters works great and will last a lot longer.

Other shower filter manufacturers use sulfur-based compounds such as calcium sulfite or sodium sulfite (or sulfate) as de-chlorinating agents. These sulfur-based compounds can be toxic to humans. The addition of excess sulfite and sulfate chemicals to our water supplies has always been a concern.

 Chlorine ages your skin, similar to the effects of long term exposure to the sun

Chlorine ages your skin, similar to the effects of long term exposure to the sun

Why SONAKI Vitamin C shower

1. Removes 99.9 % chlorine

2. Removes 99.9 % chloramines– something which ordinary filters don’t do

3. Vitamin C is proven to be the most superior filter media- 100% organic

4. Softens water by reducing other hard minerals & heavy metals

5. Saves Money on water and energy (Up to $900/year and up to 50,000 Litres of water – This is huge)

6. Generates Negative ions – Nature’s powerful Anti-Oxidant

7. SONAKI Lotus shower head –fully licensed and approved Water efficiency by Australian Government

8. SONAKI Vitamin C filters in combination with the LOTUS shower head makes it the most efficient and economical Vitamin C shower in the world.

9. Replacement filters work out to be $0.40 per person per week if you take a ten minute shower everyday

10. Purifies the air

11. Effortless health and beauty

12. Softer and better hydrated skin

13. Prevents premature fine lines and wrinkles

14. A great relief for dry, itchy, eczema, and other allergic skin conditions

15. Enhances and saves money on skin and hair care products

16. Greatly beneficial to your babies’ & children’s skin/hair and overall health – Showering in chlorine treated water is believed to be one of reasons of drastically increased asthma cases in the developed world

17. More manageable, softer and shinier hair

18. Colour lasts longer if you colour your hair – Chlorine fades it

19. Protects your hair and scalp

20. Aids as a hair loss treatment – Chlorine/chloramines aggravate and increase hair loss

21. Great for people with respiratory problems such as asthma

22. No irritant scent

23. Compliments a healthy lifestyle

24. A perfect way to finish your workout– why reintroduce toxic chemicals?

25. 144 Soft mist sprays and 8 massage jets

26. Increased water pressure

27. Eco friendly

28. Super easy to install– No plumber required

29. Ingenious and Unique see through handle enables you to see the filter working and you can see when it is time to replace it – No guessing

30. The SONAKI Lotus hand held shower is superior to wall mounted fixed arms for their flexibility, personal hygiene and for cleaning your shower cubicle

31. A 30 day money back guarantee

32. 3 year warranty and loyalty rewards incentive

33. 20 year reputation of excellence

 Chlorine/chloramines aggravate and increase hair loss

Chlorine/chloramines aggravate and increase hair loss